Dec 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Haul!

I did my Thanksgiving shopping last Friday and got myself a couple of things from my local department store. They were running a 25% off everything excluding cosmetics, but as an alternative, the cosmetics counters did give out gifts with the purchase, so I think it's kinda like the same as discounts coz the gifts that they gave out were worth way more than the discounts. Here are the staff I got.

A YSL Rouge Volupte Perle lipstick in #102 and I think the color is called Coral Sun. I did swatch it in one of the pics below. It is a limited edition and I love the color so much that I am thinking of buying another one as a backup. The teddy bear behind it is a present I got for my friend Aggie for this Christmas and I'll give it to her this weekend as she invited us to her house for a dinner. I got it from a Korean gift shop and it costs $50, quite expensive, but so adorable and sparkling, so good as a backdrop of a photograph, haha!

 I got another lipstick from Dior and it's Rough Dior 264 Lilac (see swatch below). I adore this color because it's nude pink, so graceful! I thought it's a matt finish, but it did look shimmering on my lips!

 Here is the swatch (sorry you have to see my chubby hairy hand). Oh, here is my first OPI nail polish, I heard so many good things about it and I decided to try and I was very pleased with the color and the texture, simply great!
 Here is the Dior Holiday Palette that I mentioned yesterday. The package is awesome.
 I tried all of the products in this palette and I love all of them apart from the face compact, which does not match my skintone. But, overally, it's a worth buy! Just in case you're curious, the shiny crystal heart that I filmed in this pic is my birthday present I got from my husband a year ago. It's a 1GB USB storage, and now I'd like to use it to store my important documents.
 Here is the gift I got from YSL, it has a letter "Y" print detail, isn't that gorgeous?! It did come with 3 samples, a mini-lipstick, a makeup remover sample and a mini-mascara! I've given all of them away to my friends!
 Here is the gift set I got from Dior, a purse, a makeup remover, a mascara, a lipstick, a foundation sample and a moisturizer! I'd like to keep them to myself this time!
I've several eye shadow palette that I want to review and I've taken photos of them. But now I gotta work, stock mkt is about to open. I will do the review in my next blog entry! Bye for now!