Dec 11, 2010

Tag: Nice & Naughty List 2010!

This blog entry is inspired by Jen from, she's tagging everyone for this. I've used a lot of products this year and some of them are real good and some of them are simply disapointments. So I decide to responding the tag by sharing my Nice and Naughty List of the year 2010.

First, my Nice List, think I should start from my YSL Rouge Volupte Perle lipstick in #102, Coral Sun. It's a limited edition, the texture is so creamy and smooth, the color is gorgeous and so flattering on my warm pale skin tone. I can't describe its scent, but it smells like flowers from heaven! Def my No.1 Lippie and I am sure I will purchase another one as a backup!!

 No.2: Chanel Christalle Eau Verte Concentree Spray Perfume. I love its citrus and Neroli scent, which calms me down at all times, making me feel relaxed and refreshed!

 No.3: Hydramax+ Active Moisture Boost Serum. It works immediately on my very dehydrated dry skin, makes it healthier and  smoothier. I use my Chanel Hydramax+ Active Moisture Cream right on top of it for even better results. I will talk more in detail about these products in my future blog entry, sth. like my skincare routine!

No. 4: CD Diorskin Radiant Base. It's a foundation base and because it is slightly shimmering you can use it as a highlighter. It evens out my skin tone and provides a smoothier surface for me to apply foundation. It doesn't break out my skin at all and it's SPF 15.

 No. 5: My "lifesaver" very cheap but precious drugstore/supermkt accessible Vaseline White Petroleum Jelly. I had a lip inflammation in June this year, I was so desperate that I went to my local pharmacy asking for help and I was told to try some medicated lip balm such as Alpha Keri. It didn't work for me, so my friend who had the same thing before recommended me Vaseline coz that's what heals her. So I tried and my inflammation went away in just 3 days, how amazing is that. I am still using this product whenever I have chapped lips.

Now for the Naughty List.

No1: Anna Sui Nail Color in 700. I bought this nail polish because I think the color is gorgeous and it does look awesome on my nails. However, it gets chipped away so easily and I only used it for 4 or 5 times, the product is all dried out and I cannot even open the bottle now! The package is awesome, but the quality, nop!

No. 2: CD Diorshow Power 001 Blanc Podium Onstage White. I know a lot of people love this collection, but I had difficulty playing around with it. I like its shinny designed package but I just don't know how to properly apply the product. Everytime I either applied too much and the shimmer flied everywhere, messed up my entire makeup or I applied too little that I can't even see it. So I don't know maybe I need to play a bit more with it!

No.3: Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow Palette. I had a review of it in the previous blog entry (, I hate it because of the fall-out, just waaaaay too much for me to handle!

Next, No. 4: Cameleon Makeup Collection 98 Color Palette. The colors are not as pigmented as expected and the fall-out is a nightmare. Not to mention about the 4 sponge applicators, soooooo cheap and crappy. It's now sitting down the bottom of my drawer!

No. 5:  Golden Eyes Eyeshadow Palette. Again the colors are not pigmented and the fall-out is just crazy!

All right, that's my Nice&Naughty List of 2010. I will try to write a blog entry about skincare routine nxt week, so looking forward to that! Have a great one!


  1. The palettes are very pretty! Especially the packaging. they're very luxurious. :)

  2. Simply fabulous, I love the Golden Eyes Eyeshadow Palette its stunning and I can't wait to have one too. Well for now I can't have one but I'm looking forward to have some soon:) I think those palettes will make me more gorgeous together with my organic makeup.

  3. Everything here looks amazing!


  4. i lovvvve the golden eyeshadows palette! gold eyeshadow is really "in" at the moment, but i think it is so hard to find the right shade for pale skin. it looks like you picked items that are flattering for pale complexions, and it would seem the palette is not an exception! i think those are such pretty soft shades.

    *Claudia* xoxo
    Molto ❤ Fashion

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  6. oh i'm really glad you like the YSL lipstick too!! i've heard great things about them but have yet to try them out myself.

    and can't wait to read your skincare routine!

  7. Love those colors and the lipstick looks great too!

  8. This is a very nice list of stuff! Great blog u have here. =)


  9. great list!

    the anna sui nail polish looks adorable tho!! too bad bout the quality!