Dec 5, 2010

2010 Travel Exclusive Eyeshadow Palettes Review!

Today I am going to review three eyeshadow palettes (1 from Clinique and 2 from Estee Lauder)  I purchased about a month and half ago from my local DFS. I've used all the colors in these palettes in different combination so I am able to point out the pros and cons for them. Here is a quick look at the package and colors in these lovely kit.

 Now first thing first, here is the Estee Lauder Pure Color Rainbow Eye Palette. The package is super with a golden shiny slide-open and 3 clear plastic layers. The colors in the first layer are 18 Lacoon, 42 Mint Ice, 12 Candy Cube, 10 Ivory Box and the colors in the second layer are 38 Chocolate, 60 Tea Biscuit, 23 Berry Ice and 63 Mocha Cup. All the colors in this palette are shimmery apart from 38 Chocolate, which has a matt finish. These colors are just beautiful and they have a median pigmentation, which I do like coz it's summer here in NZ, I don't like my eyeshadow to over-shown on my lids. However, since this palette is a little bit powery, it does seem to fall out, but not a lot that I can handle it well! Last but not least, there is a brush set down the bottom row of the palette and it includes a sponge applicator and a small brush that I use for blending purpose! The only thing with this kit that I need to gripe about is it does not have a mirror whatsoever, although I can see myself through the gold top layer, I can't tell the color properly and that's sth. that Estee Lauder might have to think about refine it for next year. Other than that, it's a pretty good product and it gets a overall rating of A- from me!!

 Secondly, this another Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow Palette. I wasn't originally gonna get this one coz the package of this palette does not hold a candle to the Rainbow palette above, but I just started to learn eye-makeup, I thought I'd have more colors to play with, so I picked up this one just for the niumber of colors it comes with. The colors from the first in the top row to the last in the bottom row are 35 Cinnamon, 03 Pink Quartz, 60 Tea Biscuit (a dupe from the Rainbow), 24 Midnight, 01 Pink Ice, 53 Ginger Drop, 06 Lilac, 09 Amethyst and 44 Camouflage.  And again, the only matt shadow from this palette is 44 Camourflage and all the others have shimmer in them. However, I think color 53 and 06 have a satin finish. Now for quality, this palette has waaaay more fall out than the Rainbow one above and I was very frustrated because of that. The color pigmentation is not as good either, so I give it a rating of C. However, it does come with a tiny mirror when you flip open, and two cheap sponge applicators, but other than that I don't have anything good to say about this kit!
 Last but not least, Clinique Eyes To Go Color Surge Eye Shadow Palette. It has 8 colors, from left to right, they are 03 Lucky Penny, 01 French Venilla, 08 Sparkling Sage, 04 Strawberry Fudge Duo (two colors), 10 Violet, 05 Light Blue and 06 Dark Blue. I like how pigmented this palette is and the large mirror that is so convenient for travel. A double-ended brush tool, rhough a little cheap, works pretty well. The only problem is again the considerable amount of fall out, but not as bad as the Estee Lauder 9 color palette above. Well, I give a B+ for this one!
I really would like to try out the Chanel eyeshadow quads (heard so many good things about them), but I couldn't find the newest issue in my local department store or DFS. However, I have recently found out that does international shipping for its cosmetics, so I might order several pieces from them soon and they are much cheaper than purchasing over here in NZ.

All right, that's for my current eyeshadow review, hope you enjoy it and have a good one!

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