Jan 8, 2011

Shopping on the Weekend!!

Me and my husband Allen (from now on I am just gonna call him Allen and that's his real name) went for a weekend shopping yesterday and I got myself a few staff that I want to share with you!

The first thing and the most expensive item I got was this Teenie Weenie trench coat from my local Korean fashion boutique. I've been actively looking for a classical trench like this and I finally found one that's almost perfect for me!

I am petite like 5'1 so I got size FS. I believe it's extra small or small, I don't know, but I got the smallest out of all. They've got colors in black and beige. Allen said black's kinda boring plus I look better in beige and it'll never go out of style, so I followed his pick (Allen's a designer, so I care very much about what he thought). Since the size is a perfect fit, I don't think I can layer too much in it, which is fine for me since it never gets too cold here in Northern New Zealand. Here is a look at the pattern inside!

Now for the price, since the store is running a sale right now at 30% off all its clothes and accessories, and the original price for this piece was $213 (US$162), so I got this one for $149 (US$113). I think it's a pretty reasonable price for a trench like this. I love it like crazy!!

 The lady at the store was so kind that she gave me these two cute T shirts for free. She said she knew I did a lot of purchases from the store and it's like a gift for me. How nice, I love them!!

I also picked this pink hairband for $14( US$10.6). I adore the gold flower shaped decoration and I thought it's unique and cute!

Then we went to Swarovski, my favorite brand for accessories. My local store is having a sale right now with up to 50% off selected items. We squeezed into the crowd and saw my favorite bracelet of this season is on sale. At first I thought it's ridiculous, coz I got my piece like a month ago for a full price of $275 ($210) and now it's half off.
I was pretty pissed off and in order to cool me down Allen offered to buy me another piece in a different color. He said then I could feel like I bought two with 25% off the entire purchase. That certainly made me feel better. The shop assistant said I had two colors to choose, a red one and a grey one (In fact I was informed that the dark blue one that I bought during Thanksgiving was sold out before Christmas and was never on sale). I was told if I choose red, I can only wear it in one way and if I choose the grey one, I can wear it alone or with my dark blue piece for a much trendy look! The choice was hard at first coz I really love the red piece but meanwhile don't want to give up a trendy fun look. But then I found the crystals on the red bracelet was not shine at all, so I asked the shop assistant and she explained that there is a metallic coating on the crystals and it's not likely to come off. I grow suspicious about the quality of the crystals but I don't want to cause any trouble so I just bought the grey one for $137 ($104), but I remained suspicious about the quality of the reduced items. I told Allen I thought the grey one I just bought is not as shine as my dark blue one and Allen said I was too paranoid.
Our friend Shirley and Johnny came for a visit at our house last night, and both of them are designers as well. So I asked them to compare two of my bracelets and see if they are different. Both of them agreed with me and said the two bracelets have different crystals and the ones on the dark blue piece tend to be less translucent so it catches the light better, while the crystals on the grey piece are more translucent and don't catches the light so well; and that's why I think the crystals are more shinny on my original piece. I'm not saying the grey one is not pretty, just a little disappointed. I don't know what's going on but I do think for jewelery you pay what you get!! I don't regret the purchase though, in fact I never regret anything I did because life with regrets are just miserable, I choose to be happy all the time!!

So that's all what I splurged this weekend, hope you enjoy this! In my next blog entry I am gonna talk about my makeup routine (I did my skincare routine here), so looking forward to that. Have a great one!!

Jan 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

2010 was a wonderful year for me!!I finally got married with my lovely husband who I dated for 5 years and half. We met in the 1st year of college, watched each other grow up to adults, helped and encouraged each other when we were going thru tough times.

While I really enjoying my marriage, I also made great progress on my career as a trader, managed to make 100% return on my investment in 2010. If I'm able to maintain this yearly profitability, I will become rich as I enter my 30s, thus achieve early retirement! This of course means I need to work even harder for the year 2011 and I'm ready for any challenge that I may come across in the future!

We had New Year celebration at friend's house!! Since me and my husband are away from our parents, friends mean so much to us, we take care for each other and I feel like I owe so much to them! Jacqueline, Lana, Aggie, Shirley, Max, Johnny, Dean, Jack, Thomas...... You guys are so amazing, I love you all!!

Oh, BTW, here is the home-made Christmas cake by Lana (the 2nd gal on the left side of the pic above)! Soooooo fruity and yummmmmmmy!!

And to those who are reading this blog, I wish you all the best for 2011!! I will talk to you in my nxt blog entry, bye!