Nov 30, 2010

Buffet high up in the Sky!

Hubbie and I recently received a fortune we never expected so we decided we need to go out and celebrate the thing. We went to Skycity in Auckland, where we live. There is this restaurant up on the top of the tower called observatory and that's where we booked our seat to have a buffet. We were going to book the night menu for $62/per but since hubbie does not favor raw seafood, which are main dish in the dinner menu, we decided to go for the lunch menu for $43/per including the free-entry to the main observatory that I've never paid a visit to, which normally cost $25/per. 

This is the look of the day! I recently bought the Dior Holiday Collection makeup palette, lots of people were raving about how good the collection is. Well, I kinda like it, but there is this one thing with it I don't like, the makeup compact in my palette is #030, which is waaaaay to duck for me, I saw the palette from, the color is #010, so I think they sell different product in Southern Hemisphere. Anyhow, other than that, it's great! So for this look I used everything in the palette apart from the compact, all the colors look flattering on me!

 I love prawns, I had about 30 of them, yum!

 Here is the Swarovski Hyphen Bracelet I got as a Thanksgiving present from hubbie. My wrist is kinda chubby and my Sony camera could not pickup the shine of the crystal. Well, the pic below shows how the bracelet actually looks like, I love it!

 Awesome view from the restaurant high up in the sky!
 These crazy people are skywalking right outside where we were dinning!
 This is the main observatory room. This 38mm piece of glass is as strong as concrete, but I still feel like I was gonna fall. See the expression on my face, totally weird! Hubbie said I conquered my fear of high, a good one!
 Hubbie standing on the glass. He also jumped like a mad kid.
 Me squatting on the glass, try to be brave. But did you see my hand, firmly holding on the stone, for what? I don't know!
 Big boy again, he enjoyed this piece of glass so much, lol!
That's pretty much it, enjoy!


  1. Wow! I like this post! I remember my sister, Tyra, who loves blogging. Her food blog is my favorite of all her blogs. Since we're from Ohio, website design is what we do best so it's not surprising that my sister develops really nice blogs. Thanks for sharing, Shine Bunny! It's so amazing!

  2. Great post! You look lovely. I'd be scared of the glass. i know it cannot break but your hubby is brave for jumping on it.