Nov 18, 2010


Hi guys, a greeting from New Zealand!

I used to write and decorate my blog like crazy, but I stopped doing that for about 3 years due to personal reasons (moves and lifestyle changes and all that's dramatic), but now I am back in the world of blogs and this time I am gonna do even better (forgot to mention my MSN space was one of the highly recommended space that was shown on the frontpage of the MSN official website, yyyya, I was good).

I am a self-employed online stock dealer, which means yes, I trade stocks for living in seeking for financial freedom if you like. Rich Dad series written by Robort Kiyosaki made me feel never satisfied with any job that I had, to which the staff I learned from my 3 years of tertiary education and 1 year of graduate school never apply. One cannot imagine how much I loved finance as a discipline and how much I wanted to apply it to real life and make a living with it, but I never find a secure occupation would do a good job. So I decided to make a living trading stocks. At the beginning my life was like hell coz trading requires not only expertise in financial analysis but also you will have to be a psychologist and a psychotherapist of your own. I know it's sounds odd to some people, but yeah, as you read more about my blogs in the future, you will gradually understand what I'm talking about. Then things became better and better as I got hang of the money game. I am not saying that I am super rich in cash (that I "robbed" from the fools in the trading game) but definitely super rich in time, lol.

Moving onto what's this blog will be about, well, basically anything that I come across that's beautiful and funky. I kinda become addicted to makeup lately, may be because I had so much free time coz I only work 4 hours every day for myself (kinda proud, yes that's financial freedom). I watched a lot of makeup videos from Youtube, I picked several makeup gurus that I like most and follow them closely on their blogs, twitters and other staff. It's been my routine to watch Youtube every day and I just love it. So I decided to create my own blog to share my staff with you guys and I am sure I will feel great in doing so. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to upload my own video to Youtube and I will definitely let you know about that. Kinda scary, I need to purchase a professional camera at first I guess.

Wow, that's a lot of rambling, but I hope you will find this blog interesting as I post more staff on. And er I love you all!

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