Nov 30, 2010

Buffet high up in the Sky!

Hubbie and I recently received a fortune we never expected so we decided we need to go out and celebrate the thing. We went to Skycity in Auckland, where we live. There is this restaurant up on the top of the tower called observatory and that's where we booked our seat to have a buffet. We were going to book the night menu for $62/per but since hubbie does not favor raw seafood, which are main dish in the dinner menu, we decided to go for the lunch menu for $43/per including the free-entry to the main observatory that I've never paid a visit to, which normally cost $25/per. 

This is the look of the day! I recently bought the Dior Holiday Collection makeup palette, lots of people were raving about how good the collection is. Well, I kinda like it, but there is this one thing with it I don't like, the makeup compact in my palette is #030, which is waaaaay to duck for me, I saw the palette from, the color is #010, so I think they sell different product in Southern Hemisphere. Anyhow, other than that, it's great! So for this look I used everything in the palette apart from the compact, all the colors look flattering on me!

 I love prawns, I had about 30 of them, yum!

 Here is the Swarovski Hyphen Bracelet I got as a Thanksgiving present from hubbie. My wrist is kinda chubby and my Sony camera could not pickup the shine of the crystal. Well, the pic below shows how the bracelet actually looks like, I love it!

 Awesome view from the restaurant high up in the sky!
 These crazy people are skywalking right outside where we were dinning!
 This is the main observatory room. This 38mm piece of glass is as strong as concrete, but I still feel like I was gonna fall. See the expression on my face, totally weird! Hubbie said I conquered my fear of high, a good one!
 Hubbie standing on the glass. He also jumped like a mad kid.
 Me squatting on the glass, try to be brave. But did you see my hand, firmly holding on the stone, for what? I don't know!
 Big boy again, he enjoyed this piece of glass so much, lol!
That's pretty much it, enjoy!

Nov 20, 2010

A Happy Birthday to Hubby!

Today is my Hubby's birthday and we thought we were not going to celebrate his 30 years birthday (he was born in 1981, but in China he's like 30) because there is this tradition in China that a person shouldn't celebrate his/her birthday when he/she is turning to an age that is a multiple of 10. I don't know why we decided to follow this tradition but we as well did. So he has no birthday cake this year, but that doesn't mean we cannot have a weekend night out, right?!

The look before heading out!

These are the main makeups that I used for this look, I didn't include moisturizer, foundation base, foundation and concealer in here coz I want to save them for another blog entry (maybe skincare routine or something like that) so that I can review all of them in detail, so wait to check that out!

Here are the pics for the makeup that I did today! (Sorry they are kinda small but I just want to fit them all in one pic and provide explanation individually!) Note: It's normally very difficult for me to wear pink lipstick because of my skin tone, or I just say I look sick in pink, but I love pink like crazy, so I usually go for a very sheer pink lipstick and put a layer of a nude lipgloss on top of it, and it works!

Eyeshadow:   Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow Quad in 07 (Asia exclusive I think)
Eyeliner:   Bobbi Brown  Long-wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink
Mascare:   Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara in 01 Black
Highlighter:   Diorshow Face loose power in 001 Blanc Podium Onstage White
Cheeks:   Becca Loose Shimmer Powder in Gypsy
Lipstick:   Nivea Pearl Shine Lipstick
Lipgloss:   Anna Sui Lipgloss in 302
We went to a famous local restaurant called Lone Star and me and my hubby just love the food there, they are amazing! Here is the outside look of the restaurant, isn't that gorgeous?! it's a very traditional Kiwi restaurant!

Try to look cute but was actually a hungry face with huge desire for food, wahahaha......

Me with the New Zealand Mussels dish, it was a entree, 7 fresh green lipped mussels from the beautiful coastal waters of NZ - steamed open in a lemon, white wine and garlic cream sauce, sooooo yummy!

Me again with one extra entree sized Redneck Ribs, 6 pork ribs blanched in honey&spices, blasted in the Lone Star furnace & smothered with hoisin orange & sesame seed sauce. Me and hubby's all time favorite, a must order dish for both of us!

Finally Hubby with his favorite Shank Williams, 2 lamb shanks slowly braised in a rich stock with mushrooms, onions, tomato, redwine and fresh herbs, served with wholegrain mustard mashed potato and Lone Star coleslaw. The dish looks a bit small in the pic, but the shanks are actually huge and hubby was not able to finish them all, coz he's obsessed with my dishes, lol

Well, the dinner was a bit cheaper than we expected coz we spent NZ$150 on my birthday, and this dinner was less than NZ$70, so hubby said we should go see HP7, a movie which held us together 6 years ago when it was HP2 at that time. But I just hated that movie now, I don't know why I didn't go with him coz it's his big day, I should, coz he went to watch Wall Street 2 with me and did not understand the movie in financial aspect at all, well, I think I just got screwed up. But anyway, the food is delicious and we had a wonderful time tonight!

Nov 18, 2010


Hi guys, a greeting from New Zealand!

I used to write and decorate my blog like crazy, but I stopped doing that for about 3 years due to personal reasons (moves and lifestyle changes and all that's dramatic), but now I am back in the world of blogs and this time I am gonna do even better (forgot to mention my MSN space was one of the highly recommended space that was shown on the frontpage of the MSN official website, yyyya, I was good).

I am a self-employed online stock dealer, which means yes, I trade stocks for living in seeking for financial freedom if you like. Rich Dad series written by Robort Kiyosaki made me feel never satisfied with any job that I had, to which the staff I learned from my 3 years of tertiary education and 1 year of graduate school never apply. One cannot imagine how much I loved finance as a discipline and how much I wanted to apply it to real life and make a living with it, but I never find a secure occupation would do a good job. So I decided to make a living trading stocks. At the beginning my life was like hell coz trading requires not only expertise in financial analysis but also you will have to be a psychologist and a psychotherapist of your own. I know it's sounds odd to some people, but yeah, as you read more about my blogs in the future, you will gradually understand what I'm talking about. Then things became better and better as I got hang of the money game. I am not saying that I am super rich in cash (that I "robbed" from the fools in the trading game) but definitely super rich in time, lol.

Moving onto what's this blog will be about, well, basically anything that I come across that's beautiful and funky. I kinda become addicted to makeup lately, may be because I had so much free time coz I only work 4 hours every day for myself (kinda proud, yes that's financial freedom). I watched a lot of makeup videos from Youtube, I picked several makeup gurus that I like most and follow them closely on their blogs, twitters and other staff. It's been my routine to watch Youtube every day and I just love it. So I decided to create my own blog to share my staff with you guys and I am sure I will feel great in doing so. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to upload my own video to Youtube and I will definitely let you know about that. Kinda scary, I need to purchase a professional camera at first I guess.

Wow, that's a lot of rambling, but I hope you will find this blog interesting as I post more staff on. And er I love you all!